On-Page Optimization

Rank Better – Take It Up A Notch

Google loves the RIGHT WORDS in the RIGHT PLACE.

They’ve even shown us what they like.

You’ve got to know how to look AND what to look for.

Think about it…

Google has already shown us what they like. They’ve shown us the top 5 results for a search term. This means that you can reverse engineer their copy to see why it’s ranking.

The problem is that most people don’t take the time or have the skills to do it properly.

It requires powerful tools, takes a ton of time & careful analysis to optimize your copy to match that of the top 5 results, so Google will LOVE it.

I don’t mean sprinkling a few keywords here & there.

I mean a science backed approach that tells us what keywords to use, how many times to use them and MOST IMPORTANTLY, exactly where on the page they need to be (e.g. headings, images, paragraphs, lists, bolded, etc).

I use a tool that was built by a top SEO expert who has done hundreds of experiments to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

In a recent SEO competition amongst some TOP SEO’s the owner of the tool beat them with website text that ONLY contained Lorem Ipsum and a few keywords added to the CORRECT places.

Why did he use Lorem Ipsum text?

He wanted to prove that the Google algorithm was based on not just keywords, but specific words used in the correct place and in the correct ratio.

Guess what? He was right.

In fact, people have written about it now: SEO Contest Exposes Weakness in Google’s Algorithm

He won the competition and his tool generates amazing results.

Not only that, this is a long-term approach. It’s not a quick win, here today, gone tomorrow.

What I’m doing is ensuring your copy matches that of the top 5 websites ranking for a term, so that Google will LOVE it.

My on-page SEO service generates results because it’s backed by a science-backed tool, built by a top SEO expert.

It’s why SEO’s charge $750+ for my service when they white label it.

WHY it Works:

  • I optimize based on the actual search results for your keyword.
  • I use a science-backed & tested optimization tool.
  • The tool is based on over 3 years of research.
  • The tool is based on over 200 ACTUAL SEO experiments.
  • Based on tested & proven on-page ranking factors in Google.

Are you ready to see a MASSIVE ranking boost from your pages & posts?

Exclusive Offer. Just for YOU.

If you require any major pages or articles to have the best chance of ranking in Google, I’d like to do some on-page SEO optimization for you.

If you take action TODAY, you can buy on-page optimization credits for any content you order, or even any existing articles on your website that you would like optimized.

What You Need to Know About On-Page Optimization Credits

  • They Don’t Expire
  • Each Credit = 1 Page Optimization
  • They Will Never Be This Cheap Again

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I don’t upgrade now, can I access this rate later?
A: No, this is an exclusive first time offer. I have many SEO agencies who white label my services & charge $750+ for the service.
Q: What type of content is this for?
A: This is a specialist service that is best used for major pages (keyword + city type pages) that you want to rank rather than articles. Many clients do use it for blog articles after they’ve optimised their main pages first.
Q: How many pages can a credit be used on?
A: You need 1 credit per page of optimization.
Q: Is there a guarantee it will boost my rankings?
A: No. Anybody who guarantees that Google will rank you better is shady at best. The best I can offer, is to say, that in most cases it boosts the rankings.
Q: Can I order now and use the credits later?
A: Yes. I would recommend you buy as many credits as you need for specific pages you want to rank.
Q: Do you use Cora?
A: No. Cora is an extremely powerful on-page SEO tool that looks at many more factors. While I’m a big fan of Cora, I’m also a fan of the 80/20 principle, and the tool I use gives 80% of the results with 20% of the effort. I can offer Cora optimized content but that is at a much higher rate. Q: Does this service include copy?
A: No. This service is specifically designed to optimize existing copy for Google to rank it. Depending on the specific page I might add up to 100 words free of charge.

If you’re ready for the best price I offer for on-page SEO optimization that will quickly boost rankings & traffic to your most important web pages and posts, take action now.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it really works.

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