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Website Copy

Studies show the importance of quality writing for ranking and conversions.

Get better rankings and improved conversion rates with SEO-optimised copywriting that is useful, interesting and well-researched.

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Is your website text outdated?

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Content Creation Services

Website Copy

This is high-quality text including call to actions and clear, easy to follow text that communicates the offer and drives conversions.

Engaging Articles

Nothing boring and rehashed. This is quality blog content with stats, opinions and references.

Affiliate Content

Best for Amazon affiliate and product review websites. Using your template, or my own, I’ll write conversion-optimized product reviews and buying guides.

Examples available on request

There are a range of different writing styles and content requirements that aren’t listed such as press releases, website copy and guest post-style article writing. If you have something else in mind, please fill in the contact form.

Specialized Content Services

It’s becoming increasingly evident that Google values established, trustworthy brands. And the best way to quickly position yourself an authority is through regular high-quality, value-adding content.

Carving out the necessary time for this is difficult, so why not outsource it to a ghostwriter?

Get a professional 6 month strategy including a premium keyword analysis, schedule of articles and outline of content to be covered in each article.
We’ve come a long way from on-page SEO being synonymous with keyword densities and meta descriptions as ranking factors. Google shows us what content it likes by ranking it at the top of the SERPS.

Take advantage of that information by replicating the on-page structure, word count and keywords used to give your content the best chance of ranking.

Content that has had optimized on-page done ranks more easily with fewer links and therefore offers a great ROI.

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Kath delivers an exceptional experience.

Her quality content, SEO knowledge and creative intelligence combined with a strict adherence to deadlines will get your business moving forward.

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